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For the past three years, RUN has worked with Mary’s Place, a local non-profit that helps families find their way out of homelessness. This organization provides shelter, services, and resources to get people back into permanent housing. We are proud to support their cause and tell the stories of those who have found help in their time of need.

This year we ended up creating two main videos for Mary’s Place, along with five additional social media deliverables. One video focused on a specific family who received assistance as part of the No Child Sleeps Outside campaign. The other main video was for a fundraising gala that thanked Amazon for their support of the organization, including donating numerous floors in their new office building to Mary’s Place. 


The goal for this project was to tell authentic stories of how Mary’s Place can have a real lasting impact on people’s lives.  Anthony’s interview was conducted directly into camera, to give a personal and direct account of his experiences.  These intimate stories about helping families overcome desperate situations demonstrate the value that this organization has to our community.  

For more information about Mary's Place, please visit

Anthony Battiste is a single father of four who was unable to pay mounting bills. Between a separation, an on-the-job injury, and a rare, unpredictable medical condition for one of his sons, it was more than Anthony could handle alone. He told us about how Mary’s Place brought stability back into his family’s life after they had experienced homelessness on the streets of Seattle.  After being turned away from other shelters that did not take in children, Anthony’s family found a safe place to stay at Mary’s Place. Mary’s Place also helped Anthony’s family with transportation, medical support, and housing assistance. They eventually found a new home, all with the help of Mary’s Place.

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