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RUN Studios has worked with Mary’s Place, a Seattle non-profit that helps families find their way out of homelessness, since 2017. Mary’s Place provides shelter, services, and resources to assist families back into permanent housing. We are proud to support their cause and tell the stories of those who have found help in their time of need.

This year we created a video for Mary’s Place annual gala that highlights how Mary’s Place provides support to families in difficult situations. The story focuses on two women who have been in financial distress and, without the help of Mary’s Place, would have been forced into homelessness.


Joanne is a 78-year-old great-grandmother who lives alone in Seattle and never missed a rent payment until 2020. Mounting health problems and expensive medical procedures caused Joanne to fall behind on rent. Fortunately for Joanne, and many like her, she found help from Mary’s Place and their Fund a Need campaign, which provided the rental assistance she needed to keep her home.

Chervonne is a single mother who was unable to pay rent on time during the past year. With the mounting stress of the rent moratorium ending soon, she feared becoming homeless again and unable to provide for her son. Having already spent time in a Mary’s Place shelter with her infant, Chervonne reached out for help, and Mary’s Place was able to provide her with the financial assistance she needed and the peace of mind she deserved.  


The goal for this project was to tell authentic stories of how Mary’s Place can have a lasting impact on people’s lives. Both Joanne’s and Chervonne's interviews were shot with a small crew -- in their homes that Mary’s Place helped them keep -- to show their realities and lived experiences. These intimate stories about helping families overcome desperate situations illuminate the value this organization provides to the Seattle community.

For more information about Mary’s Place, please visit

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