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High-speed internet connectivity is not just another utility but an everyday necessity for people living in rural areas.  Communities that have limited access to the internet lag behind in job growth, telehealth services, and educational opportunities.

Meta has been working with local governments and internet service providers to help bring high-speed internet infrastructure to rural America.  To highlight this effort, RUN collaborated with MCW Events and Meta on the Network Moments series.  Each chapter in the series includes a web event highlighting specific region in the country that has benefited from Meta’s efforts to help build fiber internet infrastructure.


This episode of Network Moments focuses on how Meta helped bring fiber internet infrastructure to 6,000 homes in Grayson Country, Virginia.  The story begins in a community steeped in lush rolling hills, rivers, and the Blue Ridge Mountains.  The people of Grayson County often have deep roots in the area, but the lack of high-speed internet has made living here difficult.  Limited communication means that running a business or accessing healthcare can be challenging.

To document this story, we set out to find real people who have had their lives impacted by the lack of high-speed internet.  We were fortunate to interview members of the community who were local, authentic, and had a story to tell about how limited internet access has impacted their business and families.  Interviews were conducted in their homes to establish the setting for the story and give us a glimpse into their lives.

B-roll footage primarily consists of shots of the beautiful countryside, rural communities, the homes of the interviewees, and footage of Gigabeam representatives installing fiber cable internet.  The countryside, rural homes, and winding roads show us the community being impacted by this effort, and the remoteness of the community. 

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