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As part of efforts toward environmental sustainability, Microsoft recently developed a mouse made from 20% recycled ocean plastic.  This product represents a breakthrough in sustainable design technology, which required years of research and collaboration between design and development teams.  Upon completion of the project, Microsoft approached RUN about making a video to tell the unique story of how this device was created.


The story of the Ocean Plastic mouse is about environmental impact, collaboration between teams, and new technology.  To make the video compelling, we focused our efforts in two areas:


1)      Capture the enthusiasm and excitement that the Microsoft team has for this project through authentic and engaging interviews


2)      Create a beautiful, memorable visual motif that ties the interviews and the product back to the ocean where the plastics were pulled

With these areas of focus in mind, we conducted the interviews in a studio with projected imagery of ocean waves crashing in the background.  This gives the interviews not only a unique look, but aesthetically connects them to  the supporting footage.  The consistent use of water imagery and colors throughout the video creates unity between the style and the content of this piece.

Production occurred over the course of two days on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, with one day dedicated to the interviews, and a second day for b-roll capture.  To set up the b-roll footage, we focused on staging scenes of collaboration between key participants in the project, while showing the various prototypes and early iterations of the Ocean Plastic mouse.


The tone for the video is optimistic and informative, which is conveyed through the music, footage, and interviews.  We focused on the genuine story about why this product is important and how this is the one of the first steps toward sustainable design in consumer electronic products.

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