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The Microsoft Surface Studio is empowering companies to create magical experiences.  RUN Studios documented how Super 78, an award-winning content design and creative studio based in Los Angeles, is developing immersive branded experiences for the top theme parks and attractions around the world.

RUN spent two days at the Super 78 Studios in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles conducting interviews, shadowing the creative team, and learning about their process for creating real-time animation.  Interviews were filmed in the creative working spaces of the team , while the footage focuses on how the team is utilizing the Surface Studio to develop digital content, such as interactive animated characters and immersive entertainment experiences.   


A Disney legend and story artist at Super 78 describes the classic method of hand-drawing animation, which is then contrasted with the digital puppeteer Isaac Robinson-Smith using a Surface Studio to animate and record his voice in real-time.  Talking with these two artists helped to illustrate (pun intended) how the process of animation has changed over the years and how the tools used to create animated characters has changed greatly over the years. However, the heart of the process is still an artist bringing something from their imagination to life and connecting to an audience. 

Ten years ago, Super 78 developed a Real-time Animation tool, called Geppetto, that allows audiences to interact with an animated character.  It originally took two rooms full of equipment to run the program.  Now, a single Surface Studio can manage the entire experience.  By showing the advancements in technology that have been developed for this process, we are able to demonstrate the value of the Surface Studio for other organizations that are looking for a creative tool with the power and capabilities to revolutionize their operations.  

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